Kindle Fire is not turning on. How to fix it?

When Kindle fire is in its sleep mode, the screen appears black. If you are running some program on the Kindle fire and suddenly the device enters to its the sleep mode, it will get hanged. Later, if you try to execute any command on Kindle, you will find that Kindle is not turning on. But, that’s not true! Your device is not turned off, it just entered the sleep mode.

There are so many ways through which you can bring your Kindle fire device back to its normal working track. If nothing works, you can just call at Kindle Help Number for the online Kindle Support. In case of any damage, you can replace the Kindle Fire if the device is in its warranty period.

Charge the device

Just like the other electronic devices, Kindle Fire also  needs a battery backup to work. If your Kindle is not turning on, first of all, check the battery charge. Your device may be running out of battery and sometimes when the battery is low, the device enters to its sleep mode. Charge your Kindle fire and try to turn it on again. If it does not resolve your problem, do the Hard Reset.

Hard Reset

Hard reset can help you to fix Kindle Fire not turning on error. For a hard reset, you have to press the power button and hold it for 30 seconds. Leave the button and turn on the device again. If nothing happens, contact the technicians at Kindle Support phone Number as hardware errors can be the reason behind Kindle not turning on issue.

Factory Reset

If Kindle Fire is still not turning on then, there is some software error and fix that error you need a factory reset. So, reset your device to the factory default and mitigate this issue. Remember one thing that factory reset will delete all the manual settings and data from your device, so always have a backup.

In the end, if none of the aforementioned troubleshooting solutions help you, call at Kindle Support Number and let the Kindle expert tackle this situation.